Project R

The HUD and Interface class was the first class to introduce Actionscript (2.0 lol), the first scripting for games and web languages to learn through the course. This was also the first chance to actually program our own game.

For the first part of the course, we got to learn the basic fundamentals of Actionscript programming as well as its importance and recent popularity in the industry. We began learning how to make simple shapes and images, then controlled animations and buttons using small scripts. By our midterm, we had created a simple Pacman animation, and then were tasked with our final project where the artists and designers had to create a very professional menu system that could be used for a game, and the programmers had to create a small flash game.

We didn't have much time to design or create the game, so I had an idea to make a simple 2-D space-shooter that had artwork taken from a free-sprite website of two fo my favorite space-shooter games as a kid. Samples were taken from Project-X and R-Type and were glued together to make Project-R. My game featured 4 different waves of enemies with their own speed, health and fire attributes, as well as a boss that is pretty difficult to beat.