Particle Emitter Tool

For our Game Project Workshop (GPW) during the last 2 semesters at Art Institute, we needed a wide range of emitters that could resemble fire, smoke, dust, water and other special effects necessary for our game to not look so bland. The first task I was given was to create a Particle Emitter Tool that would easily allow the designers to create effects very quickly.

The programs functionalities allow the user to create either Mesh or Planar emitters, while giving a graphical representation on the left side of the screen. Two major functions of an emitter were to allow it to be a looping emitter, which would allow the emitter to constantly spawn a certain number of particles until the effect would be removed or told to stop, or a

single-burst emitter, which would launch every particle at once and would not repeat once finished. Emitters could have the properties of their particles adjusted, as well as some general properties of the effect itself and could then be used in the game engine.


  • Create Mesh or Planar Emitters
  • Looping or Burst
  • Cube or Spherical Spawning and Movement
  • Edit Lifespan and Emit-Rate
  • Edit Initial and Final Alpha
  • Edit Initial and Final Scale
  • Edit Initial Position/Velocity/Acceleration
  • Save Emitter to binary file

Here is a demo video of my beast in action!