Throughout my entire Advanced Level Design class, the artists, programmers and designers were tasked with a single project throughout the entire class. The artists were instructed to make an art-heavy level, the designers to make a well designed level with an objective and some confrontations, and the programmers to make use of UnrealScript, whether it be a weapon, utility or a special gametype.

Originally I wanted to make a weapon mod to allow fully destructible geometry, similar to Red Faction, but soon found out that Unreal is totally uncapable of supporting modification of BSPs.

Shortly after I found that the terrain in Unreal can be modified using a PokeTerrain() command, giving birth to the idea of the Geomancer Gun. The weapon was to have two functions, one to raise and the other to lower the targetted area of the terrain. Once the gun was working, I realized I had a lot of time left, and wanted to do something more interesting or creative. I then took two existing Unreal engines, the Rocket Launcher and Flak Cannon, and turned them into the Geo-Rocket Launcher and the Geo-Nuke, simply by changing the damage and splash radius as well as implementing the terrain deformation function.

Now that there were three terrain-deforming guns at my disposal, I created a level set in a Bombing-Run scenario. The main goal of this were to put the bomb in a place only accessible by deforming the terrain, and to mix things up when the bomb-holder couldn't fight back against all the terrain-bending foes on his/her mission to throw the bomb to their base.

Here's a video demo of the Geomancer in action.