Catnip Chase (Android Game Demo)

Catnip Chase is my first stab at making an Android App. Working on this project helped me understand how development is done on an Android App, including learning Resources, Views/Incidents and the android libraries.

The game is a simple Canabalt clone (run far until you lose) type of game with a bit of a twist. Instead of the simple one-button jump games, this allows you to swipe-down to slide under objects that would hit you in the head, and to swipe up to jump or double-jump over objects below you. The idea behind the game was that you have recently visited the pet store and have pockets full of catnip, resulting in you being chased by a horde of crazy cats. Every time you hit an object, you get knocked closer and closer into the cats until they take you down and steal your catnip (you lose).

After the game mechanics were created, I put this project on the shelf, as I am no good at the art part of games and was happy with how far I had taken it. All of the artwork from this game was taken from Sprite Database website.