PHP Ticketing System (Trendinator)

So recently I proposed a project called the "Trender" for my work, which then became an obsession. What was originally planned to be a small system to group trends (similar issues) into one place, quickly grew more and more as ideas popped into my head with new features. Now the project is complete and functioning, it serves over a hundred coworkers to help organize their work.

The Trender was built from scratch using PHP, JQuery, and Javascript using MySQL databases. This is my first experience with PHP, JQuery and Sessions, and was very fun to learn.

The complete features of the project includes:
Secure LDAP login/authenticating system
Ticket Searching
Issue Filtering
Top Issue Homepage
Protected Private Issues
Modifiable Ticket Priority
Franchise selection
Compact layout with expanding details lists (using sexy JQuery)
Adding/Modifying ticket occurences
Ugly programmer CSS!

This was as pretty as I could make the thing, and i'm quite proud of it. Everything else i've made in CSS in comparison has been hideous!