Call-Monitor Dashboard

The Call-Monitor Dashboard was a project I created for my work. Its main purpose was to gather a variety of tools and features that are spread across multiple sites and programs into one central database-driven page. This was created using PHP, JQuery, AJAX, Javascript, MySQL and HTML5.


  • LDAP Authentication
  • Levels of Access
  • Phones/Queue Call Monitor
  • Announcements/Global Issues Broadcast
  • Online Notepad
  • Lunch Schedule
  • Team Shoutbox
  • Domain Query
  • Agent Randomizer
  • Settings/Control Panel
  • Customizable jQuery Windows

The tool is now being used by floor agents on a daily basis. 

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Catnip Chase (Android Game Demo)

Catnip Chase is my first stab at making an Android App. Working on this project helped me understand how development is done on an Android App, including learning Resources, Views/Incidents and the android libraries.

The game is a simple Canabalt clone (run far until you lose) type of game with a bit of a twist. Instead of the simple one-button jump games, this allows you to swipe-down to slide under objects that would hit you in the head, and to swipe up to jump or double-jump over objects below you. The idea behind the game was that you have recently visited the pet store and have pockets full of catnip, resulting in you being chased by a horde of crazy cats. Every time you hit an object, you get knocked closer and closer into the cats until they take you down and steal your catnip (you lose).

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Alpha Blending (Terrain Painting Tool)

The Advanced Shaders final project required that we have all the standard shader effects and our own custom shader effect. For my own shader, I decided to make an alpha-blending shader, where three textures could be loaded in and checked towards an alpha-map to blended. This gave every vertex of the heightmap to have it's own RGB values that would correspond to the three textures alpha-value for that specific vertex.

Once this shader effect was created, I decided to use this for our Game Project Workshop. This tool would easily allow a designer to load in the textures desired, and then paint the terrain needed for our final game project. With two views for an actual workspace, and a perspective view to see how it would look in-game. While creating this tool I learnt a number of very useful techniques that could be used in other scenarios, such as Picking, which projected a ray from the mouse screen coordinates into 3D space to select a vertex of the terrain.

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PHP Ticketing System (Trendinator)

So recently I proposed a project called the "Trender" for my work, which then became an obsession. What was originally planned to be a small system to group trends (similar issues) into one place, quickly grew more and more as ideas popped into my head with new features. Now the project is complete and functioning, it serves over a hundred coworkers to help organize their work.

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Shell Script SendMail

Recently i've been working on a shell script to be able to send automated email messages pulled on information on a query. Everything was all sex-nuts and fun until I tried sending the mail without exposing my user-account in the header of the email. This isn't too much of a big issue except when it's received by a mail server like Hotmail which shows the receipt address in your face to avoid spoofing (which makes sense).

To bypass this issue you'd have to enable a flag on the sendmail or exim command (usually -f) to specify the receipt email address, which however can only be used by "trusted users".

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