River Rage

Basic Level Design class gave us the chance to create multiplayer maps in Unreal Tournament 2K4, which served more than just learning design. In this class we got to see how a professional tool looks and feels which also gave us insight on what kind of tools we would be developing once we were in a professional environment. The class also gave us insight to lots of useful design elements that can help create a smoother and more enjoyable gameplay. It was this class that made me realize that I have a passion for design as well as programming.

The class began teaching us how to make simple rooms and add players. After that, we grew to adding static meshes, flags and actually setting up a proper game-type. Once we had learnt the necessary basic, we were then given more advanced instructions, such as creating terrains, portals, zones, triggers, custom models and more. For our final project we were asked to create an out-doors level of any game-type that would demonstrate all subjects learnt in class.

I had an idea to create a map with more vertical combat, by having a number of stacked pathways with some element of danger. The possibility of falling off a higher path, or using lower-paths for cover could give a element of strategy as well as a three different ways to get into each base. For each of the flag rooms, I created volume triggers so that when they would be shot, the energy rings and shield around the flag would be removed. Some of the cliff walls were created in Maya and used as my custom textured static mesh. The level also included sounds for a few objects, like the waterfall, and background music.

My level was the first Final Project to ever get a 100% mark. Bonus!